Healing with Food

If you haven’t been following along for a while, for the past year-ish I have been playing around with different foods to try and figure out what my body doesn’t like. I am very much in-tuned with my body and can tell when it’s inflamed and when it’s running optimally, which has been very rare in the past.

When we talk about food and different diets, it’s important to listen to your body. If it feels good, bad, bloated, brain fog, etc… A lot of the times we are so focused on FEEDING our body, when in reality we need to FUEL our body. This is critical for optimal health, especially those with auto-immune disorders, chronic diseases, etc…

That being said, talk to your doctor!

In attempts to figure my body out, I started WHOLE30 yesterday. Whole30 removes all of the food groups most common to cause inflammation. Gluten, dairy, legumes, sugar, etc… Giving up cheese for 30 days is NO JOKE. (Secretly hoping this isn’t a source of inflammation for me). After 30 days are up, there is a 2 week period of slowly adding these food groups back into your diet to determine which is causing problems. So I am currently Day 2 into this and I will keep you all posted on the progression of this and how I feel.

I firmly believe in modern medicine, however, if I can heal my body through food and natural remedies, I will 100% do that instead.

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