75HARD: A Debrief

We know I keep it Real and Raw around here so here’s the tea: There is no possible way for me to tell you all in one sitting all the things I learned in the past 75Days. So instead, I am going to tell you how I actually made it through.

If you have NO idea what this is, I highly recommend visiting this site: https://andyfrisella.com/pages/75hard-info

Secondly, go open your calendar and decide on a start date for 75Hard. Don’t doubt it, don’t just consider it, actually fricken DO IT. It will change your mother fricken life. No questions asked. It’s a mental toughness challenge, it will make your palms sweat, in the BEST way possible.

Here are usable tips/tricks on how I succeeded..

  1. Buy a Gallon Jug. For me, drinking a gallon a day was THE hardest thing. So I took my booty over to Amazon and bought one of the jugs with times on it. Keep it simple.
  2. Complete your first workout early!! I work 12hour shifts, and on my dayworks, I was up at 0300hrs getting it in. This is something you will crave. Getting the hard work done early while everyone else is sleeping gives you a complex, not going to lie.
  3. Plan your workouts around weather. Look at when the weather is going to be the best for your outdoor workout. This challenge is already hard. I figured this one out the hard way.
  4. Plan your workouts. Period. I did mine a week at a time. Take the guess work out of it.
  5. Eliminate all junk in your house. Just toss it. You can’t have it and you’re not going to want it after the challenge.
  6. Get your reading done early as well. This is where a LOT of people fail. Don’t be that person, do it early.
  7. Get an accountability partner. I completed it with 3 other friends. We went into this challenge agreeing that failure was not an option. On the hardest of days, we hyped each other up to make sure we all got through on the first attempt.
  8. Plan out your outfits the night before. If you really want to get extreme, sleep in your workout clothes. Nothing is worse than stumbling around a dark house trying to be quiet looking for clothes. Trust me on this one.
  9. Place your preworkout next to your bed and chug it as soon as your alarm goes off. This will save your ass the first few weeks while getting into a routine.
  10. EMBRACE THE SHIT OUT OF THE CHALLENGE. This challenge will separate you from everyone else. You will be apart of an elite group who completed it. When you complete it, you will know what I am talking about. The challenge will push you past all of the excuses you have been making and will show you how small of a life you were living.

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