Random Thoughts #1

I read a lot. Like a lot a lot. I was recently reading “Find your people” written by Jeanie Allen and this book was BY FAR one of the most powerful books I have read in a long time. Powerful books in terms of the “holy shit I have been dumb” moments. This book madeContinue reading “Random Thoughts #1”

The “Quick-Fix”

It’s not that people can’t do something, it’s that they choose not to. It’s as easy to do something as it is not to do something. It’s as easy to grab a cookie as it is to not grab a cookie. Think about it, how many small, seemingly harmless decisions do you make a dayContinue reading “The “Quick-Fix””

Do it scared.

I was listening to the song “moment for like” by Nicki Minaj and I SUDDENLY got flooded with emotions. I literally could not believe this is my life.  This time last year I was overcoming a heartbreak/just starting to understand what “self-worth” actually means. Time and time again, I was allowing someone else to controlContinue reading “Do it scared.”

So we did a thing…

If you haven’t seen, my best friend and I started a PODCAST! This is quite literally a dream come true because we have been talking about starting once pretty much since day 1 of us becoming friends. Dani and I have had very long and hard journeys to becoming the women we are today. StartingContinue reading “So we did a thing…”


We are reminded too often how short life is. Something happens, someone we love dies, we see something that reminds us of it…. Then we say to ourselves we are going to start doing “X”, stop doing “Y”, enjoy this or that more… And then nothing in our life changes. Just stop it. Stop promisingContinue reading “DO IT TODAY”


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