I’m Confused

Y’all- I have been struggling with this concept for a LONG TIME. I am all about being body positive. It took me years to actually LOVE the body I am in. To accept it for everything that it is and everything that it is not. What was hard for me was, where does weight loss fit into that world?

Influencers post a lot about size not equaling health, I understand that. For me, I desire to be a smaller size because of health not because of the way I looked. Holding excess weight pre-disposes you automatically to joint issues, hypertension, hardening of the arteries, etc… So it makes sense to me to lose weight for health. Not to fit into a certain size or box that society puts us into.

I struggled with trying to put these thoughts out there because of everything anti-diet. And then I heard someone say “body autonomy”. Meaning WE have the power to chose what is right for OUR bodies. No one else can dictate what is right and what is wrong for us. This loops back into societal norms, which we can get into later.

Yet, the message I want to get to you all is this: It’s okay to be confused right now. We are getting a thousand different messages thrown at us everyday on what we should or should not do for our bodies. But it’s simple. Love your body. And allowing yourself to love that body of yours right now means YOU get to decide what is right for YOU. No one else.

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