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The “Quick-Fix”

It’s not that people can’t do something, it’s that they choose not to. It’s as easy to do something as it is not to do something. It’s as easy to grab a cookie as it is to not grab a cookie. Think about it, how many small, seemingly harmless decisions do you make a dayContinue reading “The “Quick-Fix””

Guess what tomorrow is…

That’s right. Tomorrow is Monday. In case you didn’t know, Monday is very serious for us around here. I will keep reminding you all until the end of time just how important it is. You see, for the longest time, I always broke promises to myself. I came up with every excuse on the planetContinue reading “Guess what tomorrow is…”

Do it scared.

I was listening to the song “moment for like” by Nicki Minaj and I SUDDENLY got flooded with emotions. I literally could not believe this is my life.  This time last year I was overcoming a heartbreak/just starting to understand what “self-worth” actually means. Time and time again, I was allowing someone else to controlContinue reading “Do it scared.”

“Changing your life means leaping into the unknown with the tenacity to keep going regardless of the outcome”

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