Haters Gonna Hate

I know, that sounds like what someone says when they do something everyone disagrees with. But in reality, we all have haters. Whether you are a social media queen or you barely know how to use Facebook and Instagram, the haters exist. And if I am being really honest, some of the haters we have in our lives, we view as people that “care” about us.

I am not trying to be rude or make you think that everyone is out to get you, cause that is NOT true. Yet rather I hope you open your eyes and take a look at who is in your life. Who you let have a say in your life. It’s easy to block someone on social media that you don’t want contacting you, but what’s hard is blocking someone who is apart of your life.

People come into our lives for many reasons. Some for a season of our life to teach us things and some are lifers. And it it’s important to know the difference. It’s important to know that your happiness is up to you. And if you are unhappy IT’S ON YOU. If someone is shitting on you and the way you live your life, that says more about their character than it does yours. People who try to drag you down are in dark places. They are so unhappy with their lives that they have to try to take you down with them. Do not let them.

It’s easy to think a friend of a family member have our best interest at heart when they tell you not to do something because “it’s a fraud” or “you’re too old” or “there is no way you can do that”. If it gives you a fire in your belly, you do it. And you find people that will support you.

I know “blocking” people is easier said than done. I know that cutting toxic people out of your life, especially ones you care about, is next to impossible because you love them. But it’s your life and your happiness at stake. Not theirs.

It”s a waste of your time and energy to try and change them. They have to want to change. They have to be willing to climb out of that dark hole that causes them to be a-holes, you can’t force them. Focus on you boo. Get rid of those toxic people. Its hard but I promise you it is 1000x worth it. And always remember “People’s opinions of you are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. Let the haters hate and focus on what makes YOU HAPPY.

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