Become who you were meant to become

To the woman who feels like she has a lot to offer the world but is to afraid to: I feel you, I was you.

For the past few years, I have had this fire in my belly. This fire to help women become the best version of themselves. To help women live emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy lives. While exploring this desire, i’ve realized how many of us have not lived up to our full potential. Sometimes it’s because we are scared, fearful, nervous, or simply do not know how. I know that’s how I felt. Society dictated how I lived my life. I let people put me into a small box and I made myself smaller to fit into it. Sound familiar? I get it.

But we have to stop doing that. We have to stop making ourselves smaller to fit into the box society wants us to fit in. It’s time we stop listening to what others want us to be and start listening to ourselves. Start leaning into what we want to do, who we want to become.

Too often, I would get an idea to start something or do something. People would say “that’s dumb”, “you can’t make an income off of that” , “you don’t want to be THAT girl”. People would say “you’re annoying”, “you’re jokes aren’t funny”, “why are you the way you are”. I would take these comments and dump my ideas or get quiet and sit in the corner. This went on for YEARS until someone told me that it’s okay to want what you want and be who you are.

So I am going to be that person for you. It is okay to go after what you want to do. It’s okay to go against the grain of society and become who you want to become.

My advice to you is to go deep in your thoughts, explore your wants and desires. Figure out what would make you JUMP out of bed in the morning. What makes your heart glow and what puts a fire in your belly. When you have it, GO THE FRICK AFTER IT. And don’t let ANYONE stop you.

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