Cold Showers? WTH?

During Phase 1, one of the tasks that needs to be completed is a 5-minute cold shower. Like barely turn the shower on cold. The first day I did it was R O U G H. Like real rough. As each day has gone past, I enjoy it more and more. I know that sounds NUTS, yet I’m telling you I ACTUALLY look forward to it. The biggest difference I noticed is how much better my ski feels as well as how well I sleep.

There are a LOT of health benefits to a cold shower, including, but not limited to increasing endorphins, improving metabolism and circulation, improves immune system, boost weight lost and energy, and more.

Something I played around with was the Wim Hoff’s Method. He helps you build up to longer cold exposure. There is an app that guides you through each shower as well as different breathing methods to do while in the cold exposures.

Overall, 10/10 recommend. Just give it a few showers to give it a solid shot!

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