Un-doing food “rules”

If you’re new here or you’ve be around for a bit, you know that me and yo-yo dieting have been in a long-term relationship since Middle School. Well, I broke up with it. And let me tell you- that shit was HARD. It was like that toxic ex you know you needed to get rid of but it’s still hard. Ya feel?

Step 1 was loving my body and meeting my body where it is at. Step 2: removing food rules and move into intuitive eating. I learned so much about myself, why I viewed food the way I did, why I consciously made decisions of sabotage. How did I do this? Here is how:

I read books on intuitive eating, I removed all the food rules. I stopped my thoughts in their tracks if I classified a food as good or bad. I stopped stepping on the scale everyday.

The two hardest things to overcome was no longer classifying food as food and not “good or bad”, and learning to know what my body NEEDED not what it WANTED. With intuitive eating, I am learning what kinds of food my body needs. Everyone’s bodies are different, and what might be good for you might not be what my body needs. Yo-yo dieting causes us to put all of these non-sense rules around food and tells us what we should and shouldn’t eat. It’s honestly bullshit. We need to LISTEN to our bodies, pay attention to what gives us energy, how we feel when we eat certain foods.

Listen, if you too are a yo-yo dieter, just try me and start diving into intuitive eating. It will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

Kay, that’s all.



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