#NeedToKnow: 5 facts about Sugar

We ALL love a good sweet treat. Whether that is chocolate or twizzlers, everyone has a vice. But at what cost?

For the past year and a half, I started learning what sugar actually does to our bodies, and I thought I’d share some of those things with you all.

  1. There is a REAL difference between natural sugar and added sugars. Generally, consuming natural sugars from food such as fruit or sweet potatoes, won’t cause the number on the scale to go up. It also has been noted to help reduce rise of chronic diseases. However, it has also been proven through many of studies that consuming added sugars is directly linked to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and more!
  2. Consuming added sugar can increased your risk of depression. This one is a newer one for me, but the science is there and is rooted in blood sugar swings that come from consuming an excess of sugar.
  3. Highly increases your insulin resistance. Having insulin resistance automatically sets you up for failure. Literally. Your chances of developing hypertension, diabetes, dementia, cancers, etc.. increases at an alarming rate. Read “Why we get sick” to really learn about this.
  4. Drains your energy. It’s all fun and games until you crash and burn from that blood sugar dip, right?
  5. It accelerates aging. There are a TON of ways that this happens, and so I don’t bore you- consuming less sugar= less wrinkles. You’re welcome for this fact.

Hope you learned through this that added sugar is the real devil here. Watch out for it, it’s hidden EVERYWHERE.

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