Guess what tomorrow is…

That’s right. Tomorrow is Monday.

In case you didn’t know, Monday is very serious for us around here. I will keep reminding you all until the end of time just how important it is.

You see, for the longest time, I always broke promises to myself. I came up with every excuse on the planet to not do things. “I dont have enough time to workout” “I can’t possibly wake up that early to workout” “It’s too hard to eat healthy” “It’s too expensive to purchase healthy foods” “No one wants to hear from me”

Girl, I have made every excuse in the book. Until one day, I decided enough was enough. I decided that I will no longer make excuses for my life. That’s when Monday’s became so important to me. It became a day to re-set and re-focus on my goals. That if for some reason by the end of previous week I was losing it, I had a chance to look myself in the mirror when I woke up and tell myself “You’ve got this”.

So tomorrow, when you wake up, look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and tell yourself, ” I am worthy of all my dreams and my goals. I’ve got this. I will conquer this week” . And show up for your life like the badass you are.

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