Do it scared.

I was listening to the song “moment for like” by Nicki Minaj and I SUDDENLY got flooded with emotions. I literally could not believe this is my life. 

This time last year I was overcoming a heartbreak/just starting to understand what “self-worth” actually means. Time and time again, I was allowing someone else to control my happiness and self-worth. I didn’t know there was another way. But thats a whole other thing 🙂

So in the past year I have:

  • Made friends that I once dreamed of having
  • Became a paramedic, a dream I’ve had since the day 1 of EMT class
  • Became a firefighter, something I’ve been terrified of doing 
  • Traveled and saw SO many cool things. Springs, snorkeling, mountains, beaches…
  • Moved out of my parents
  • And STARTED A BUSINESS with my best friend

The amount of learning I have done and growth I have had goes outnumbered. As Angie Lee would say “READY IS A LIE”.

Doing things will scare you. That list you have but haven’t done? It’s terrifying. Time isn’t going to change that. I am telling you right now, go F**KING DO IT. Whatever it is.

Fear stops us so many times from doing the exact thing(s) we need to do. The scariest of things turned out to be thing I needed to do the most. I know this sounds like bologna. I really do because I thought the same thing. I put off so many things because I was TERRIFIED. But what was I terrified of? Because you know what’s even more terrifying? Getting to the end of your life and realizing how silly all those fears were.

Do it today. Do it scared.

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