Maryland Heights: A review

Last weekend we decided to unplug, de-stress, and enjoy the fresh air of Harper’s Ferry. We camped at the Adventure Center on the MD/VA line. (Review to come on the stay!)

The main attraction for the weekend was the Maryland Heights Trail. If you don’t know, this trail is about 1300ft of elevation gain and about 4.6miles in length.

Now, I used to call myself an avid hiker. I’ve hiked pretty much all the trails in our area. The flat ones, moderate ones, and the ones where I would say “OOOF I feel like I am hiking a mountain”. Turns out, I need to find harder trails. We were equipped to handle the hike, and it was a HIKE, but it took quite a few days for our legs to heal because those puppies weren’t ready.

The trail is well traveled, not tricky to walk, and with plenty of room to walk and pass the people that may be taking a break or walking slower :). In order to get to the AMAZING views, you have to go onto a different trail, which is trickier with more rocks and harder grade than the main trail. HOWEVER, the view. Oh my gosh, THE VIEW…. It’s worth every rolled ankle, leg cramp, and groan on the way there.

All in all 10/10, 5 stars, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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