We are reminded too often how short life is. Something happens, someone we love dies, we see something that reminds us of it…. Then we say to ourselves we are going to start doing “X”, stop doing “Y”, enjoy this or that more… And then nothing in our life changes.

Just stop it. Stop promising yourself that you’re going to live your life more fully and not change a thing.

We literally have NO FRICKEN CLUE when our sand will run out. So why in HELL are we wasting it away doing shit we don’t love? Why are we still showing up to jobs we hate? Keeping toxic friends and family in our lives? Sitting on TikTok for hours and not treating our bodies with respect? Not traveling the world? Spending quality time with our loved ones?


Make a list. Make a list of every fucking thing you want out of this life. Things you want, places you want to go, business you want to start, the type of people you want in your life. List it ALL. And do the damn thing that is going to move you closer to those things. And DO IT TODAY. Cause it very well may be your last living day on this earth.

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