Whole30 & Sugar Withdraw

For Phase 1 of #75Hard, I chose to follow Whole30. On Whole30, you basically only eat things that Cavemen eat, minus red wine and a few other things. The purpose of this is to eliminate foods that cause inflammation.

You cannot consume ANYTHING with sugar or artificial sugar in it. Nada. So while I was prepping for my first week, I realized EVERYTHING FRICKEN THING has sugar in it. Not even kidding a little. Bacon? Added sugar. Jerky? Sugar Rotisserie Chicken? Added sugar. And we wonder why we have trouble staying away from sweets…

Well, I was in for a rude awakening the first 5-ish days of this program. I had withdraw symptoms ranging from headaches, intense cravings, stomach upset. etc… After going through withdraw, my body felt AMAZING. I was not bloated once, zero brain fog, sharp as a fiddle. I felt light and airy. No cravings.

What did I learn? Sugar is the devil. I dare you to try this, cause once you feel what it’s like to have such mental clarity, you’re not going to want to go back. Even more so, if you do have sugar after 30 days (like of course I did), I had THE WORST headaches, and I avoid sugar in my day to day activities cause it just makes me feel like absolute CRUD.

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