*Magic Kingdom*

I quite literally felt like Simba looking out over the land when we drove Skyline Drive. The view is ENDLESS. It’s everything you could imagine and more.

I’m not going to ruin this place for you as it’s something you TRULY have to witness for yourself. But here are a few tips that we learned:

  1. Purchase the yearly National State Park Pass. It is $80 for the year or $30 for a visit. Makes logical sense to me.
  2. Plan to spend the whole day there. We are already making time to go back and explore more. There are so many trails and outlooks.
  3. Prep snacks. This is always a must. We never go anywhere without snacks 🙂
  4. Bring toilet paper. Legit peed in the woods a lot and did not plan on that. So… yeah.
  5. Pack a book. I know this sounds weird, but we found ourselves wanting to read a book on the ledge overlooking the world.

We entered the southern edge of Skyline Drive, but I am pretty sure you cannot go wrong with entering any part of the drive. It takes ~3hours to DRIVE the whole thing, which we did not do!

Explore more. Chase views.

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