Caverns and Beetles

Something you PROBABLY don’t know, small spaces have always been kind of scary to me. HOWEVER, I have been wanting to explore caverns since I knew they were a thing.

You can only imagine my excitement when Dani told me that we were going to Skyline Caverns. Skyline Caverns are located near Front Royal, VA and ,in terms of caverns, are young. The person who discovered this cavern was Walter Amos in 1937, right when Skyline Drive was created. I could totally nerd out about all of that, but honestly you should just visit here because they tell you ALL THE THINGS.

When they were carving out all the mud and junk from the caverns, they came across this space that they were having a really difficult time pushing through. Once they did, there was a huge pop sound. The caverns created a vacuum seal around these crystals called Anthodite (middle picture). Well turns out there is only two other places in the world they have found this, France and Mexico. So that’s pretty cool.

Another cool thing is scientist from the Smithsonian took water samples from the rivers in the cave. They discovered an eyeless beetle in a water sample that has never been found anywhere else in the world. Well they captured 8 of these things and they were never to be found again. Basically discovering a species and making it extinct in one swoop. Humans are THE WORST.

Anyway, this pace was 0% confined. It was super cool. There are rivers, a 35ft(?) water fall, a fish, COOL SHIT. Go check it out and report back to me. Kay? Thanks.

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