So we stayed in a Yurt….

What’s a yurt you say? Well according to the Google Machine, a yurt is. portable tent that is typically used by nomads. No electricity, running water, etc….

Dani and I had planned these dates to get away MONTHS ago. We decided that we needed to get away and get a change of scenery to recharge and refocus. Well, I told her to surprise me. Dani is a MASTER planner so I knew whatever she planned, it would be a GRAND time. I literally knew NOTHING about this trip except that there was no electricity, heat, or running water, so pack accordingly.

My only guess was that we were headed to the mountains because we talked about hiking. So as we started ascending into Virginia, specifically the Shenandoah Region. Not sure if you can imagine my excitement, but I was PUMPED!!!

We arrived into this small, cute ass town, with a paved hiking trail along the water. Front Royal was the town I believe. Which apparently is the Canoe Capital of the U.S. Never saw a canoe, very disappointed.

After our walk, we drove through the town, saw the CUTEST shops, then headed to the Yurt. (I still didn’t know that’s where we are staying). We had to first check in with the Hosts. Sweetest and her kid, they offered us complimentary wine from the local vineyard. Their home is solar powered and sits on this GORGEOUS farm with Christmas trees and cows and ALL THE THINGS.

We got down to the Yurt and I could never properly express how AMAZING AND COOL it was. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time. The yurt had THE best aesthetic with board games, deck of cards, books, checker boards, candles, and a HEATER. The outside had a fire place, a grill (to our surprise), chairs, a table, and….. a compost toilet. The compost toilet may sound gross and weird to some, but it was SUPER clean, non-smelly. And the best part? You can do your business with door open looking at a mountain. I mean….

For food, we prepped food in coolers for the two days since we are both following Phase 1 of 75Hard. Which actually worked our perfectly because it took the thought work out of all of that and saved a lot of money.

We made a fire that night, chatted, read books, chilled out. It got very cold so we were VERY grateful for the heater in the Yurt. (Propane powered).

Upon waking the next morning, it was absolutely beautiful out. We ate breakfast, read for a bit, did morning yoga, and packed up.

We went back through town for Skyline Caverns and a hike off Skyline Drive. Which I will tell you ALL about in another blog.

We will for sure be returning to this AMAZING place and town. We didn’t have the chance to explore the wineries and breweries in the area, so I HIGHLY recommend doing a 2 night stay!

You can book it on AirBnb here if you would like to!

To see a full tour and more photos visit “Yurt” highlight on my instagram @shannon__connelly

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