Y’ALL. I haven’t talked much about this on here because I haven’t figure this whole thing out yet…

I struggle with Hypothyroid. In 2017 I was diagnosed with it after gaining weight unexplainably. Since then, my weight has fluctuated SO much. I also have brain fog, fatigue, tiredness, low HR, low body temperature, dry skin, hair loss, and other things. These symptoms vary in severity based on diet and thyroid levels.

As you know, I have been embarking on 75Hard since Jan 1, which is 67 days at this point. The scale HAS NOT MOVED in over a month. The scale does not define me, yet it is SO frustrating to be not progressing like everyone else because of hypothyroid. Yes, I am leaner. Yes, I am more fit. Yes, I have gained mental toughness. That doesn’t mean I am not frustrated. I. AM. HUMAN. I want to become the healthiest version of ME and its frustrating to eat the healthy foods I am eating and still clinging to excess body fat.

If you’re in the boat, I FRICKEN FEEL YOU. I will share more on what I am doing to figure this whole Hypothyroid thing out. The next thing I am doing is headed to an endocrinologist to have a complete hormone panel done as well as talk to them about AIP.

I know this isn’t some positive, super informational post. But we keep it raw and real here and I want you to know that this healthy living stuff is not a walk in the park. It takes hard work and finding out what YOUR body needs. ❤

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