Goal: Fill this gap

I follow a lot of influencers on instagram. I mean… who doesn’t right…?

Yet, something I noticed in following all of them is there is two sides of the pendulum. On one side, there is the group of influencers that preach body positivity. And THEY ARE AMAZING. They have helped countless women learn to embrace and love their bodies exactly the way they are today. These women have shattered glass ceilings that were created around what women”should” look like.

Then there are the women who aim to help women lose weight. Often these are the women who promote “diet culture”. These women aren’t evil, most are very intelligent and do their best to help women become healthy via weightloss.

I have not seen anyone effectively help women do both. To me, there is a world where one can LOVE their body, have a good relationship with food AND the scale, and desire to lose weight. In this world, diet culture is not a thing. You never “go on a diet” here, rather learn how to LISTEN to your body and what fuels it instead of just feeding it. To me, you can be body positive and desire to lose weight/ workout HARD in order to be the healthiest version of you.

This process takes time. Learning to love your body that you were taught to hate, takes time. Learning what fuels your body and what is wants, takes time. My goal is to fill this gap and give you all the tools and tricks you need to do this.

1st Action Step: Write on a sticky note “I am beautiful” and place it on your bathroom mirror.

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