Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s be real ladies, the women in our lives are what keeps our world going round and round. If it wasn’t for my best friends, I would literally not know what to do with myself. So, lets show them some ~love~ (And men, your ladies would probably love any of these things.

SILKY Pajamas: Let her snuggle into bed with these AMAZING (and budget friendly) PJs. Sexy + comfort. I mean…..

Okay, but how CUTE is this mug? Show your love for your bestie and remind them DAILY that you love them as they drink their morning coffee. Best Part? It’s a Target find & in most stores!

I’d be lying to you all if I didn’t tell you I will probably be going to Target today and snatching this up. A MINI WAFFLE MAKER?! The possibilities are endless…

This is a pretty fantastic candle. Would recommend getting this for your married friends so their husbands know their place (only kind of kidding here)

GO. BUY. THIS. For ALL your single friends. It is ESSENTIAL. That is all I have to say here.

For that friend who is trying to forget they are single on Valentine’s Day…. Amazon coming in FTW.

I honestly think these notebooks are SO cute and a great gift for any lady in your life ❤

Mmmkayy these are super cute AND comfy. 10/10 Recommend for literally everyone. Amazon once again coming in clutch.

With over 40,000 reviews, I’m going to say this is a great blanket AND who doesn’t want a blanket? You literally cannot go wrong with this gift. I promise.

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