Breaking Sugar Addiction

Well Hello Beautiful Humans,

If you have been here for a while you should know a few things about me. 1. I have been a yo-yo dieter for my whole life 2. I hated the Keto Diet 3. I still hate diet mentality 4. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I am going to address each of these because after spending a year repairing my relationship with food I faced this one thing head on, in big shiny letters: I had a sugar addiction. I am not talking about eating candy once a week, I’m talking about caramel syrup in my coffee every morning, needing something “sweet” after dinner cause I craved it, wanting to pick up a Zebra Cake at Wawa everytime I went in there, sugar addiction. It was bad. Like real bad. I knew I had to make a change because sugar is so detrimental to MY health and my relationship with it was NOT health. So I went to work. I researched on the best ways to get rid of this addiction, how to over come it. Across the board, Keto was the answer.

I spent months thinking and researching this last year because I made a promise to myself when I was working on my relationship with food, that I would never been a yo-yo dieter again. I worked so hard on kicking the diet mentality and I didn’t want to go back. I also did enough research on Keto that I knew I couldn’t do it the “easy” way with crappy foods in order to stay true to me. But this was a health decision, and I knew in order to FUEL my body not FEED my body, I had to kick the sugar addiction.

In November 2020, I started Keto and I have been on it since. It kicked my sugar addiction in the biggest way. Even around my period when I want something “sweet”, some electrolyte powder or berries does the trick. It’s quite magical. Not only did it kick the addiction to sugar, it made me realize how good my body feels when I am not eating wheat or processed sugar. I am going to go into this deeper in another post, but I don’t think I will ever go back to a life of processed food. It feels sooo good to not eat like that anymore. My brain fog is gone, my achy joints are gone, and so much more.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to stop being Keto for the fact I want to eat healthy carbs, like fruits and quite frankly, my beloved Shakeology that I miss so dearly. What I will say though, Keto is a GREAT way to kick sugar addiction because you literally cannot eat sugar unless you want to start from day 1. I share this with the hopes that my experience helps someone. Diet mentality is CRAP and it has been poured into our brains for decades. Yet our health is IMPORTANT. So yes, we should be able to eat what we want, but if you’re being controlled by food, it it important to go to work on WHY that is. Is it a sugar addiction? Is it because of diet culture? It is because of past trauma? Only you can answer that, but once you learn your body and your mental health, you truly can control your decisions around food and eat intuitively. 5 Stars, would recommend.

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