A Review on “Didn’t see that coming” By Rachel Hollis

“No one walks through fire unscathed”

Here’s the deal, when Rachel Hollis first started to become HUGE, I was obsessed with her. She was exactly what my brain needed as I had NEVER been exposed to personal development prior to “Girl, wash your face”. It was the first personal development book i ever read and I soaked up every stinken nugget I could in that book and went out in the world and made a DIFFERENCE in my life.

This book? Not so much. I went in hoping to gather nuggets about how to get through this hard season of COVID, yet I finished the book feeling like some rich lady wrote a book about her privileged life and how terrible it is. I know that sounds harsh, I know she is going through her season of hard. Yet, bringing a book like that into a community of women looking for some speckle of hope is honestly terrible. So many women from every walk of earth, look up to her for inspiration and hope. She failed them.

It’s okay to not be okay. Rachel Hollis is going through something that we are far from understanding, and maybe this was her outlet to let go of grief. But to me, it’s an abuse of her platform to release this to women who look up to her for guidance and growth.

Please spare your time and don’t read this book. There is a lot of grief and confusion in the world right now, and this is not a book to help heal.

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