We can do hard things

“You have to intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable positions”

I heard this quote yesterday while I was doing my second workout of the day, outside. You see, I am embarking along the journey of #75Hard, and if you haven’t heard of that before, look it up!! I will be sharing my journey with you along the way.

But back to the quote. Yesterday’s outdoor workout SUCKED. I’m not even going to lie to you all, it was like 38-ish degrees out and RAINING. Like…. A LOT.

So I’m walking and walking, listening to this podcast. When the host said this quote. And it HIT ME like a ton of bricks how far from my full potential I’ve been living. For literally ever, I have made excuses to not get something done. Weather was one of those excuses because who wants to be inconvenienced by inclement weather? Right? It would literally be DRIZZLING and 72 degrees and I would actually make an excuse NOT to go outside and workout because it was FRICKEN DRIZZLING.

But here I was in this weather DOING THE DAMN thing. My point here is to not brag about what I’ve been doing, yet rather bring awareness to you on re-evaluating where you have been making excuses for stupid shit. Seriously boo, where are you falling short because of some “inconveniences” you made up in your head? Cut. That. Shit. Out. We weren’t put on this damn earth to live a small life. SO WHY ARE WE DOING EXACTLY THAT? I’m so mad at myself for taking so long to realize this yet so happy that I didn’t live my entire life and end up with a bunch of regrets. I’d hate to see you do that. So don’t. Go onward and live a big life!



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