People talking S**T?

Before I tap into this a bit, I want to make 2 things VERY clear.

  1. What people think about you is NONE of your business
  2. What people say about you says everything about THEM and nothing about YOU.

Remember that as I touch on this. I don’t normally waste my energy on giving these Karens my time and attention, however, these Chatty Cathy’s seem to be large and in charge this week, and I know I am not the only one feeling this.

These people are SMALL thinkers. If they are commenting on the way you live your life, if they are hating on the positive things you’re doing in your life: chances are, they are hurting inside. They are unhappy with their lives. And thats on THEM. NOT ON YOU. It takes a strong person and a strong mind to put themselves out there, to showcase their improvements, and if someone is hating on that. Shame on them.

Next, rumors are just that, rumors. Only you know the truth. Only YOU can sit in your power. If there are rumors going around, so what? What they think of you doesn’t matter. What YOU think of YOU matters. If you’re happy or unhappy with yourself, thats ON YOU and no one else.

I know it’s easy to let these negative things to effect your mind, yet you have to work harder on your mindset than you do anything else. It you vs you.

2020 has been hard on everyone, let’s not make it harder. Spread kindness, not hate ❤



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