Are you afraid?

Let’s have a chat about FEAR. Fear was good for our ancestors, the hunters and gatherers. It protected them from predators, it kept them alive. It can be good for us now. When you get goosebumps going down a dar alley at night, when you’re getting close to the edge of a cliff. It keeps us safe. But that’s just it. Safe.

“Safe” is not always a good thing. Physically safe, yes. But when it comes to achieving goals, hitting benchmarks, starting a new job, a new career, going for what you really DESIRE, safe is not good. When fear comes face to face with you, we want to run, we want to back down, but that’s the exact moment when you should do the opposite. Fear makes you stick to those old patterns that aren’t serving you because it’s easier to stay that way.

What you need to do instead is, lean into the fear and don’t back down. Don’t be afraid to stand tall, wear color, or stand out. You were born to stand out. Put yourself in that uncomfortable position, allow your palms to sweat, trust that it’s going to work out. Take the LEAP. Cause that lap, even when you’re scared, is faith. And where would be in life without a little bit of faith?



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