What is the deal with Self-Care?

I was listening to a podcast this week and the host said “We treat self-care as a luxury”.


That hit hard.

But why? We hear all of the time “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, yet WE KEEP POURING WHEN THERE IS NOTHING LEFT. Why, why, why.

Everyone has different reason why we do this. I know for me it is because it has been engrained in my brain that it’s important to take care of everyone else first.

So what is self-care? What does that mean?

ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO MEAN. You don’t have to be sitting in a pedicure chair with cucumbers on your eyes in a robe if thats not your thing. (Legit what I imagine when people say self-care)

Self-care can be binge watching your favorite show, eating your favorite greasy burger, hiking, having a yummy cocktail. Basically whatever it is that makes YOU happy. Big or small. Just do it more often.

But it’s not JUST spoiling yourself. Self-care is making sure you get sleep, moving your body, FUELING your body right. Skimping out on these things adds up over time and 5 years later you’re 20lbs heavier and sleeping 2am to 6am. So let’s get better at taking care of ourselves, kay?

Things that might help & some ideas to try:

  • SCHEDULE your self care time in (I schedule an hour a week to just zen out)
  • Put your phone on Do not disturb when you’re doing it
  • Set up a bedtime on your phone (IPhone users have this option, literally no idea about Androids sorry LOL)
  • Schedule workouts in, and COMMIT to it
  • Set reminders throughout the day to take a deep breath
  • Download ALL TRAILS App and explore new Trails to hike
  • Subscribe to a subscription box to enjoy new things (I LOVE FabFitFun)

Not sure if you figured the theme out but you MUST schedule it. If it’s not on your schedule, it doesn’t exist.

Go forth and love yourself some more ❤



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