Motivation is a gimmick

I cannot tell you the amount of times people say to me “I wish I had the motivation you do to workout everyday”

H-O-N-E-Y. If I had to be motivated each time I worked out, i’d maybe workout twice A MONTH.

We’ve been fooled by society to think that we have to be motivated to get things done. But motivation is a gimmick. When I get told by people that they “Don’t have the motivation” to do something, it translates into my brain that it actually has NOTHING to do with motivation and everything to do with their WHY.

If you are new to the term “Your Why”, it is the REASON you are doing whatever it is you are setting out to do. When you get really clear on your WHY, no excuses will become you and your goals. Motivation has no place in your life. Just straight up dedication.

Ready to dive into what your why is? Check out “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

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