How to lower your BP

Alright, so the title MIGHT be a little misleading, but I SWEAR I could feel my BP lower as we were ‘yakin on the susky.

So there is this sweet little spot along the Susquehanna River called “Muddy Creek”. You have to go through Amish Country and once you’ve passed 4 Horse and Buggy’s, gone down a steep hill, and hit gravel road, you’ve hit the right spot. (I’m only kind of kidding about the Horse and Buggys)

Once you get there, you’re of course going to want to drop your kayak in, and start heading up the river. If you’re new to the kayaking world, it may be a little challenging to get up river as the current is mildly strong and depending on the wind, it could add more difficulty.

You are going to want to keep paddling until you reach an out cove where the river veers off to the right. Head right and beach your kayak to either side. If you beach it to the left, there is a really cool current/waterfall spot with so super cool rocks and TONS of snails. Bonus points if you find the toads. There is also a swing on one of the trees. The water was too cold for us to embark on that, but take a hot summer day, and I am sure it’s THE BEST.

Off to the right and up the nature steps is a camping site with fire pits, picnic tables, and horseshoe pits. There is a super cool ledge at the top that overlooks the river and it is *breath taking*. (See photo above)

There are also rapids right above the spot and if you’re a pro kayaker, you still probably won’t be able to get past them. Beach your kayak on the rocks between the rocks, drag it across, reenter the river, come back down the rapids.

If you’re feeling it, if you head past this point up the river, there are some even more really cool rocks and scenery. You can’t go super far more north though because of the rapids.

Some pro tips we figured out:

  1. Bring enough Booze for the whole day, you’re going to be there longer than you think
  2. There is VERY limited service, we recommend telling someone where you are going to be
  3. Bring Lunch or at least a lot of snacks. Again, this spot is one of kind and you’re going to want to spend TIME there.
  4. Wear a bathing suit. It’s easier to pee in the river than it is to find a good spot in the woods.
  5. Bring water, ya know to hydrate with the alcohol
  6. The more people, the more fun

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